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Ann Richards

South Knoxville (SoKnox)

Why you'd want to live in South Knoxville (SoKnox)

South Knoxville, loving called SoKnox by locals, is the section of Knoxville, that lies just south of the Tennessee River. It is situated along Chapman Highway, Alcoa Highway, Maryville Pike, Sevierville Pike, and adjacent roads, and includes the neighborhoods of Lindbergh Forest, Island Home Park, Old Sevier, South Haven, Vestal, Lake Forest, South Woodlawn and Colonial Village. SoKnox is connected to Downtown Knoxville by four bridges: the James C. Ford Memorial Bridge, the Gay Street Bridge, the Henley Bridge, and the J. E. "Buck" Karnes Bridge. Two of the main draws to SoKnox is the proximity to Downtown Knoxville and the large number of bike trails!